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Children Braces & Orthodontics in Grand Rapids Braces for Kids in Grand Rapids MI  Armbrecht OrthodonticsAt Armbrecht Orthodontics, we encourage you to bring your child in for evaluation by age 7.  Your child will probably have his permanent molars and incisors by this age, and problems such as an overbite or unhealthy crowding can be evaluated and treatment begun – this is a perfect age at which to start, for several reasons.  One of the primary reasons for orthodontia at this age is the ability of your orthodontist to guide the rest of the permanent teeth that will be coming in, along with the growth of the jaw of the child.  Your orthodontist can also help control the width of the upper and lower dental arches.

Early treatment can also help control and/or eliminate problems with early history of thumb-sucking, or other finger-sucking, possible speech or swallowing problems.  Early treatment also reduces the potential for permanent tooth extractions later in life as it can help make more room for permanent teeth as they come in – spacing them widely enough.  Early age treatment also pre-dates the later more embarrassing teen stages, where having braces or orthodontic work can have a perceived negative effect on their social esteem.  Companies that make braces have figured this out – and even help in making having braces a fun thing – and a fashion statement!

There are some obvious problems that parents can identify early, such as teeth not lining up correctly, or funny jaw-clicking sounds.  Other problems need the professional evaluation of an orthodontist such as Drs David or Gary Armbrecht, along with X-rays, such as teeth and jaw alignment – what is under the surface as well as above the gum line.  Some problems are not to be taken lightly, as kids can develop problems chewing foods, or swallowing, or develop speech defects with teeth not coming in properly, or in good alignment.  Finger-sucking is not harmless, as the teeth can mold around the finger that a child likes to habitually put in his mouth.

Let the experienced Orthodontists at Armbrecht Orthodontics provide a solution, and ensure that your child’s teeth and jaw will grow properly together – and prevent later potential problems.  You all will benefit by keeping your child smiling happily – with straight teeth that function as they should!  Feel free to visit our FAQ page to get answers to common questions regarding your child’s oral health.  Contact us today for an initial consultation!

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